Shipping & Returns



Same Day Free Delivery

 All orders are delivered to your address

Any order made before 4:00 pm est. will be delivered for free on the same day. Same day orders are delivered as soon as possible.

For Example, if you place an order at 11:00 am, your orders will be delivered as soon as possible, maybe around 3 pm, or later on the same day.

If you place and order after 4 pm, then you can expect to receive it next day.


Locations Included: 


Currently, I serve central and east Massachusetts. Cities and towns like Boston, Worcester, Lowell, Framingham, Waltham, Andover, Natick, and Burlington for example are covered by same day free delivery. Other place in this region are also included. If you are not sure if we serve your location, please text your location to 508-304-2316 and I will answer your question immediately. 


Regular Shipping/Drop Shipping (Not Free)


Regular shipping may be available for some items and specific locations. If you wish to use this option, please send an email to  OR. text 508-304-2316 and tell me what items you want and your exact locations. I'll get back to you within a few hours with the  final price, delivery time estimate and instructions on how to place your order.

Please keep in mind that I've just added this option and still developing it. 





Returns can be requested within 24 orders after the delivery is made.

Please use the contact us page to request a return. Returned items will be picked up from the same delivery address for free within 3 day from the request day. You will be contacted for further details.

If a return is approved, you can request a quick refund through apps like Venmo, cash or Apple Pay & a refund will be issued once the item is picked up from your address.

If you don't request a quick refund, a regular refund will be issued after the item is picked up and it may take 4 weeks or less to be complete depending on the banks.

Food items may only be retuned if they are delivered after the "Best By" or "Fresh until" date.

Other food items may not be returned if the items are opened/used.