Essentia Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water (1.5 L, 12 pk.)


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Essentia Water is pure, ionized alkaline water infused with electrolytes for a smooth taste. It's supercharged to take hydration to the next level.

About this item

  • ESSENTIA WATER 12-PACK: Made for those who believe self-care starts with better hydration
  • 99.9% PURE: H2O passes through micro-filtration and reverse osmosis, making it 99.9% pure
  • ENHANCED WITH ELECTROLYTES: Proprietary blend of electrolytes enhances taste and complements the body's natural mix, taking hydration to the next level
  • IONIZED HYDRATION: Proprietary ionization process produces smooth, crisp and fresh-tasting 9.5 pH (or higher) water by removing bitter-tasting acidic ions
  • STAY READY: Stock up for a busy week at work, school or the gym with supercharged ionized alkaline water