Bai Hillside Variety Pack (18 fl. oz., 15 pk.)


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  • Its Wonderwater™: From exotic flavors to natural caffeine from tea extract, there are so many benefits that it’s an exciting mystery how it all fits in a bottle
  • Exotic Fruit Flavors: Kula Watermelon®, Zambia Bing Cherry™, Kupang Strawberry Kiwi™, and Brasilia Blueberry®
  • No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners: Bai® delivers a refreshing, delicious flavor for those seeking better alternatives to beverages with high sugar and calories
  • Vitamin C or Vitamin E: To help defend the body against potentially cell-damaging, unstable molecules known as free radicals
  • Caffeine Free: Infused with 55 mg of plant-based caffeine from tea extract, about as much as a cup of tea